Exciting Updates from Tekkis: Innovation, Growth, and New Solutions!

Check out what Tekkis has been up to! We're always proud of our achievements, but we haven't stayed developing features will make your digital payments journey a breeze.

Exciting Updates from Tekkis: Innovation, Growth, and New Solutions!

We are thrilled to share the latest news and developments from Tekkis as we continue to make strides in the dynamic realms of payments and identity verification. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has not gone unnoticed, and we are honored to have received the prestigious President's Award for "Promising Product" and "Innovation Excellence"! This recognition serves as a testament to our dedication and drives us to reach even greater heights.

Digital payments market outlook

Let's explore some captivating statistics that shed light on the promising market potential of digital payments and digital identity verification:

Malaysia's digital payments market

With a current valuation of US$15.02 billion, Malaysia's digital payments market is poised for tremendous growth, projected at an annual rate of 17%. This vibrant landscape presents numerous opportunities for businesses to participate in the digital economy and leverage seamless payment solutions. Our solutions are tailored for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and enterprises alike to tap into this market.

Malaysia's digital identity verification market

Valued at US$114 million*, Malaysia's digital identity verification market anticipates an annual growth rate of 20%. We recognize the significance of secure and reliable identity verification processes in the digital age, and we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

*Recalculated using worldwide and Malaysian population data for best estimates.

New solutions from Tekkis

t-Pay Store: convert online window shoppers into sales

At Tekkis, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of innovation in the payments industry. In line with our mission to simplify online payments and eliminate complexities, we are delighted to introduce t-Pay Store, a game-changing solution.

If you've ever experienced the challenges of starting a business, you understand the tedious groundwork involved—building a website, integrating payment gateways, and more. With Store, you can bypass these hurdles and swiftly launch your online venture. Think of it as a digital catalog that effortlessly converts browsing into sales!

Simply create a Store and obtain a shareable link that can be utilized across various digital platforms, including websites, social media, and other customer touchpoints.

Recurring Payment: collect subscriptions and regular payments automatically

In response to popular demand, we are also excited to introduce Recurring Payment, a convenient option for businesses operating on a subscription-based model or those collecting regular payments. This feature automates billing and payment collection, ensuring seamless transactions and empowering customers to manage their monthly cash flow effectively.

Stay tuned to Tekkis and be part of digital innovation!

As we forge ahead, Tekkis remains committed to driving innovation in the digital verification segment. We are currently developing an exciting new eKYB (Know Your Business) product, which we eagerly anticipate unveiling next quarter. Stay tuned for more details!

At Tekkis, innovation permeates every aspect of our digital company. Our team members continually strive to enhance security and efficiency in both online transactions and verification.

To learn more about Tekkis and our innovative products, visit our website:

Payment solutions: https://www.tekkis.com.my/solutions-tpay

Verification solutions: https://www.tekkis.com.my/solutions-tverify

We encourage you to share the news about t-Pay with your friends and family who are seeking secure online payment collection solutions. Our aim is to empower businesses of all sizes to securely collect payments, and we appreciate your support in spreading the word!

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we revolutionize the payments and identity verification landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and advancements in the coming months.

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