Why Your Business Should Use No-Code for Payments

Don’t know how to write code, but want to accept online payments? Don’t fret – no-code payments are the solution. We lay out what no-code payments are, as well as the many benefits it has.

Why Your Business Should Use No-Code for Payments
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Coding is an important part of providing a great digital experience. However, not every business owner has the knowhow to code, or the resources to hire a technical team. Thus, in recent years, no-code solutions have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional programming methods, including for payments.

Gartner has forecast that the worldwide market for no-code and low-code technologies will grow by 20% to US$26.9 billion in 2023. This is in part due to the demand for faster application integration and development. No-code solutions empower non-developers to build and integrate solutions that were previously the domain of companies with competent tech teams.

What are no-code payments?

First off, no-code solutions allow businesses to create custom software applications without the need for specialized coding skills or knowledge.

When applying this concept to payments, you can set up an automated system to receive and process online payments without writing any code by using a no-code payments solution. All of the essential code is already written and is generally not visible to the end user.

Typically, as a business owner, you will partner with a payment gateway to integrate a no-code solution into the business. By doing this, you can instantly receive cashless payments within minutes of being onboarded, regardless of industry. You can then offer your customers a simple and hassle-free payment system that improves the customer experience.

Benefits of no-code payments

The range of benefits that no-code payments offer is such that business owners should take a serious look at it. Even though it entails some costs that vary between providers, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Speed and efficiency

The obvious benefit is that no-code solutions for payments can be set up and implemented much more quickly than traditional payment systems. This is because no-code solutions allow businesses to create custom payment workflows using pre-built components and templates which can be easily integrated into existing systems.

This means that you can integrate custom payment workflows in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months.

Ease of use

Aside from being fast, no-code solutions for payments are also designed to be easy to use and require little to no technical expertise. This means that businesses can quickly and easily integrate payment workflows into existing processes, without the need for specialized technical skills or knowledge.

No-code solutions also offer intuitive functions and a visual user interface, making it easy for non-technical users to understand and manage payments.

As the business owner, you can also easily train your employees to handle customer payments, invoicing, and other payment-related functions.

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Cost savings

Although there is some cost associated with using a no-code payment platform, your business can realize even more significant cost savings. This is because no-code solutions eliminate the need for businesses to hire specialized programmers or developers to create custom payment systems, which can get very expensive very quickly.

Instead, businesses can use pre-built components and templates, which can be easily modified and updated as needed by a non-technical person.

Simplicity for customers

No-code payment platforms offer customers a simple, quick way to checkout and pay. Nowadays, the majority of customers are familiar with the online checkout flow, with just under 60% of internet users making weekly online purchases in the Asia-Pacific region in 2022.

By integrating a simple checkout page using a no-code platform, your business can quickly capture customer payments using a variety of payment methods. This also reduces friction which can lead to abandoned purchases.

Security and compliance

Despite being built from pre-built components, no-code solutions for payments do meet the highest standards of security and compliance. Industry standard security protocols like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ensure that all companies which accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Furthermore, no-code solutions can also be designed to meet specific country regulatory requirements, such as Bank Negara Malaysia’s guidelines on handling e-wallet payments.

Start your no-code payment journey with Tekkis

If you’re excited about the benefits of no-code for payments, Tekkis is the ideal partner for your business. You can set up your preferred method of payment collection in less than a minute, without learning to code. Watch the videos here.

Tekkis’ no-code t-Pay solution is:

  • Easy to set up with no coding or programming knowledge required.
  • Free to use with no subscription or hidden fees. You only pay when you make a sale.
  • Convenient and easy for your customers to purchase quickly and securely from your store
  • Practical and usable, supporting a range of payment methods including credit card, bank transfer via FPX, as well as e-wallets.
  • Secure and reliable with 24/7 customer support.

Start your no-code payment journey with Tekkis today by getting in touch with us. Our friendly Customer Experience team is always ready to assist.

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